Hire Professional Telegram Bot Developers

Top Developers India’s has a team of AI developers who can help enable companies to manage advanced chatbots that provide responsive behaviours to interact with customers in a seamless manner. We apply latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing to interact with customers in a natural way. We design and build chatbots to automate customer service , lead generation, sales or simplifying internal enterprise processes.


Why Choose Us

Shorter development cycle which saves cost and time.

Quality assurance testing before final launch

In-house experts, Business analyst, UX/UI designers, consultants.

Competitive rates in the industry

Crystal clear and cooperative approach with clients

Multi-disciplined domain experts

Our Capabilities

Simple Telegram Notify Bot

Our team is capable to develop the chatbot that helps to render a personalized experience for the customer and in a natural interface. Our bots are designed with the intelligence to master context and content across each conversation, so that customer gets fully immersed in the chat.

Smart Telegram Bot

Our team can develop an advanced chatbot for a business website to make messaging for enterprise-level companies and startups. Bots developed by our developers can notify in any case our clients like and can have a list of customisations which includes commands to listen and reply accordingly.

Custom Telegram Bot

The Bots can be customized according to the business requirements. Our developers codes in Python, PHP, JavaScript (node.js express mongo) to develop bot for Telegram. We help our clients to develop customized Telegram bot solution and can integrate it into their current communication channels.

Porting Telegram Bot To Facebook And Slack

Our developers uses Bot API to develop bot that concentrate on integrations, AI, natural language, and tools. They can also port an existing bot from another platform by redesigning it to fit in the platforms like Facebook and Slack.

Telegram Bot For Android And IOS Platforms

Our developers have proficiency in developing an array of computerized functions for both Android and iOS apps.

Ongoing Bot Support And Maintenance

Our developers are well versed in developing bot which can have menus/buttons , inline modes. Integration with any of the client’s services, monitoring the external websites and servers. We even provide support and maintenance of existing bots.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Development

Our developers are upto date with the latest market requirements and thus, they have developed expertise in creating ChatBOT for Facebook Messenger.  They offers best practices in Facebook Messenger BOT design and development.

Slack Bot Development

A dedicated group of our developers is operating promptly with the APIs for slack BOT development. Overall, clients could rely on our Slack BOT developers to get the activity achieved.

Microsoft Bot Development

Our team is well versed in working on Microsoft BOT framework and build AI-based BOTs which can be used to work on Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. Bots can exchange rich messages which includes videos, pictures, text and much more by building Skype bots

Why Develop Bots For Telegram?

Encrypted messages

Delivers messages faster than any other app.

Secure and speedy

Open API and protocol

Manage messages from multiple devices

No ads and subscription fees

Secure messages

​Send unlimited media 

How It Works

1. Tell us your requirements

Clients can freely discuss about their requirements, as we understand the client’s business and their users, to deliver a successful experience. Our team holds experience across various industries.

2. Hire the Telegram bot developers team

After carefully understanding the needs and based on proposal, clients can hire certified Telegram bot developers team.

3. Project handling

Dedicated team focuses on building unique, customer centric and user friendly solutions which are safe and secure. We test all the potential bugs prior to finally launching.

4. Access and Iterate

After launching we access everything compared to our plan and see if any more improvement needs to be done or not. Here we follow scrum model and are always accommodating clients request if there are any new requirements.

Technologies We Use



Google Assistant


AWS Amazon

Bot Engine



Telegram Bot Development Domain Expertise






Media & Entertainment 


Mobile commerce


Knowledge management system



Book a Call

Have A Question? call us at (408) 540 6283 or email us at support@topdevelopersindia.com

Success Story

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Ixi is an Artificial Intelligence based startup developing chatBots for website and social media Plus an sms integration for offline chats and support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn A.I. and machine learning to deploy chatbot?

No, you are not required to learn Artificial Intelligence to build a Chatbot. Chatbots are developed based on “rules” and we own skillful expertise in building chatbots that can perform smartly based on your business requirements.

Is it possible to build a bot that supports Multi language?

Yes. We can build a bot considering the need of your business and customers.

How much does it cost?

We have developers who can be associated with part-time or on a project basis. Once the client tells about there requirement only then we can provide an estimate. We have transparent pricing policies.

How will I be updated about the development of my project?

We use a dedicated Project management system (PMS), however, clients can remain in touch with our developers 24*7 through emails and chat. Rest assured our developers reply client's query promptly.

Can you prioritize our work?

We have enough resources and capability and depending on client requirements we can work accordingly that too without compromising any of existing projects at hand.

Can you provide references or testimonials from some of your previous clients?

Yes, please contact us for more information regarding professional references and client testimonials. Client privacy is very important to us.