Looking For a Salesforce Pardot Consultant For Your Company

With 12+ years working with enterprises, we know what it takes to exceed Lead Generation Goals by aligning Sales Teams and Marketing Strategies with the best in class marketing automation tool. Our team of certified experts is ready to help you get the most out of Salesforce Pardot now, and as your organization evolves. Pardot, the best in class marketing automation solution by Salesforce, would help you have the ability to close the gaps in your sales funnel, no matter how or where customers enter your marketing spectrum.

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Global team.

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Quality assurance testing before final launch.

Website services to improve engagement onsite.

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Competitive pricing.

Our Capabilities

Pardot Support And Managed Service

If you already have Pardot implemented to streamline your marketing automation, we will help you realize maximum ROI on its usage. We will help you with unlimited support tasks every month that includes setting and managing lists, designing email templates, setting email campaigns up and integration support for 3rd party applications.

Pardot Implementation And Advanced Training

Implementing Pardot correctly is the single most-important thing you can do to ensure long-term success with marketing automation, To implement it, we ensure to engage all the stakeholders and understand your marketing processes and objectives. To extract the most value from the system, we’ll make sure the system is configured bespoke to your business and then convert the tool into a lead engagement machine.

Pardot Integration With 3rd Party Tools

The functionality of Pardot could be extended with the use of other applications. The integration could be done using either the connectors available covering standard use cases or custom development to cover specific integration cases. Our team of experts will help you sync Pardot with your CRM, ERP, or any other application, so customer records are always up-to-date.

Website Integration For Campaign Effectiveness

You can use Pardot forms on your website to collect information about visitors and turn anonymous visitors into identified prospects. We will help you create forms of your own design and template (html and css) then let the visitors fill the form and click submit button. After the form is submitted, the data can be processed to send emails and perform other actions.

Pardot Consulting and Strategy

We offer Pardot consultation and strategies to optimize the usage of Pardot and help you reach the maximum ROI on your Pardot investment. Whether it’s optimising marketing campaigns, designing complex Engagement Studio’s workflows powered by tangible data, implementing bespoke lead distribution automation, tailoring your website with dynamic content, you can reach out to us.

Pardot Social Media Connector

It is very important to sync your social media strategy with our onsite campaigns to provide 360 degree effectiveness to you marketing. This is why we always recommend connecting your social media accounts with Pardot. Using this you can track visitors or prospects activities on posts and further. You can also schedule and create various social media posts from Pardot itself.

Our Process


With broad industry knowledge, we understand your current marketing objectives and work quickly to determine your lead generation and engagement needs and set strategic goals to excel the marketing automation.This includes brainstorming techniques used in discovery session with the clients to identify areas of opportunity, design list of objectives and establish process cadences.


After the marketing objectives are identified, we proceed with the configuration where we understand the existing setup, custom fields, other objects. If Pardot is not deployed yet, we configure and deploy Pardot for you, and fine-tune all the settings to ensure you have a seamless integration and valuable user experience.

Data Services

No matter what marketing automation platform you're coming from, rest assured that your data is safely migrated with clear organization, data security, and permissions in place for all. This includes scrubbing the current database, converting those into Pardot structure, followed by loading into the system and finally reporting used to test the data load and ensure the data accuracy.


After we implement Pardot,, we make sure that the end users get
Complete training on the functionality includes one on one sessions and recorded group training. We make sure that all the stakeholders are better equipped to use the system in an effective and efficient manner.

Project Management

A project management tool would be used to ensure consistent customer interaction and transparency and share timely status of all the support as well as development requests . We make sure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop as the project moves forward.

Support & Maintenance

Once the implementation is done, everything is reviewed to ensure smooth lead engagement and automation process. In addition, we provide maintenance, support, integration with 3rd party tools and continuous training you need at every step of the way, while building new email templates, landing pages and automation . Our support plans make sure that you get unlimited requests every month to help you with maximizing the return on your Pardot investment.

Pardot Support Specifics

We can help you with both technical support as well as development requests in Pardot, details of which is given below:

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance requests are typically smaller in scope, take less than 60 minutes to complete, and are resolved within 1 business day
Request examples include:
  • Email, Templates, Create & Support
  • Setup Dynamic and Static Lists
  • Create, Group and Organize file manager, naming conventions
  • Email and Salesforce Campaigns: Create & Support
  • Reports and Analytics


Development requests are large scale system changes, typically taking longer than 60 minutes to complete
Request examples include:
  • Setup Workflow Automation in Engagement Studio
  • Landing Pages: Design. Test & Create
  • Forms: Design, Creation, and Implementation
  • ​Audit: Results, and Recommendations
  • ​3rd Party application integration

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Success Stories


Centura Wealth, being a wealth management company, wanted to deliver the right message at the right time to its leads so as to send relevant information about managing wealth effectively. Being a customer of Salesforce and Pardot, we set up their landing pages with contact forms on the website which would send the prospect’s data to Pardot. Further, the leads were tagged depending on the type and a scoring and grading model was setup to identify the valuable customers. This was followed by setting up static and dynamic lists, creating new email templates with call-to-action and finally setting up automation workflows in Pardot Engagement Studio. Every email template and landing page we built was split tested for the most relevant and popular one to be selected to run as part of the campaign.


Strategic Dentistry consists of over 3,000 members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. They offer knowledge resources for dentists across the US and Canada helping them with courses, seminars, webinars and many dentistry resources.The SD team was transitioning to Salesforce as their CRM and planned to use Salesforce as central repository for keeping log of members, products and transactions. They envisioned integrating SF to Drupal and also wanted to integrate Salesforce with their accounting software QuickBooks to make it easier for their Sales representatives to get access to financial data, check accounts, view customer sales and touchpoints from their Salesforce accounts.

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FORCE(Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) is committed to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian, and related cancers.
They are trying to accomplish this by creating awareness, supplying information and support to the community, advocating for and supporting research and working with the research and medical communities to help people dealing with hereditary breast, ovarian, and related cancers. They provide a platform for donation and even support peer to peer fundraising. We were engaged by FORCE team to develop and implement an interface in Salesforce which would be used to engage their fundraisers and further improve the funds raised by them. This involved sending different email campaigns from Pardot with learning resources and tips on how to engage donors.

We Are Capable Of Catering The Diverse Pardot Managed Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see whether I require Pardot?

Pardot is smarter marketing automation built on the world's #1 CRM platform. Pardot customers have seen sales revenue increase by 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%, on average.
If you don’t have your lead engagement and automation system setup or have trouble maximizing the ROI on your current marketing automation expenses, Pardot is the right choice for you. With Pardot, you can build, track and measure the effect of your campaigns right from your dashboard. Understand Marketing's impact on your business - and take a deep dive into the metrics that matter by combining Pardot and Marketing Analytics.

Where do you start?

Pardot helps you get started with setting up marketing campaigns and automate the communication right from the beginning. E.g. You can use Pardot landing pages and forms to track visitors via cookies and then design and build email templates to follow up. In addition, you can use the tracking codes on your existing web pages as well.

How difficult it is to implement Pardot?

Implementing Pardot isn’t difficult if you are engaged with us. However, the time to implement depends on the current data architecture and your marketing objectives..

How much does it cost to implement Pardot?

There isn’t a fixed cost which could be shared to clients once they decide to implement. The cost completely depends on our discovery of the current architecture and the scale of the implementation.

Can you provide references or testimonials from some of your previous clients?

Yes, please contact us for more information regarding professional references and client testimonials. Client privacy is very important to us.